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making money better
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The Wallet of the Future is Here

Secure, Available, Instant

Say goodbye to cash queues and high fees. Kuvacash is building the world’s most advanced wallet on your mobile to make your cash available anywhere. We're making money better.™


Your wallet balance is incorruptible and internationally tradable 24 hours a day.


Never queue for cash again - cash is available within 24 hours - always.


Pay for goods and services instantly with the lowest fees possible.

What can consumers do with Kuvacash?

Securely store and access your money with a “wallet in the sky” via your mobile phone.

Easy peer-to-peer payments via the app and your own contacts.

Pay merchants or service-providers accepting Kuvacash with just a mobile phone with one tap.

Visit our stores where service agents can provide you with cash – available within 24 hours, always.

Ready for better payments?

Kuvacash is coming for Android and iPhone

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