Discover Kuvacash

Discover Kuvacash

Physical cash (USD) is always available

We are introducing a cash replenishment model that gives users confidence that they can always cash out their digital currency into USD fiat. By having this confidence, we believe that the majority of funds will continue to be held as Dash, since this is more convenient for users.

Transactions are instant and fees are minimal

The current fee structure for both incumbent digital money services and obtaining cash bills is extremely high compared to similar services in developed countries. We aim to bring this to a more reasonable level, and to be known for having a lower fee structure.

Your balance is secure and internationally tradeable

No individual third party can interfere or manipulate your balance, which is stored on an immutable ledger known as the blockchain. Users know that their funds are safe, and that this is a currency that they can hold value in for the long term. Users can trade and convert Dash to cash on numerous exchanges around the world, even if Kuvacash is not operating, for any reason.